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Jazz Keyes-Perkins

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Client, Features, and Awards

Meet Jazz

6-Figure Business Empowerment Coach

Hey Investhers,

I am a 6-Figure Business Empowerment Coach, Motivational Speaking, Mompreneur, and Certified Life, Career, and Entrepreneur Coach.


My coaching centers on helping fempreneurs, and aspiring fempreneurs get unstuck. I work diligently to help women launch successful, sustainable, and scalable businesses. You're in the right place for women seeking fundamental life tools and strategies to jump-start their businesses, attract more clients, sell more products, make a profit, and feel more confident in their respective industries. 

I am a results-driven coach who teaches women how to execute and deliver excellence in everything they do. I have a Bachelor's degree in Organizational and Corporate Communications and a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology. I am pursuing my Ph.D. in Business, specializing in Entrepreneurship, Global Studies, and Management. I have also trained at some of the most prestigious coaching academies. Combining my education and experience, I have been practicing as a certified life, career, and entrepreneurship coach for over ten years, leading women to new levels.

I am an expert in my field, having launched several successful businesses and generated 6-figures from her entrepreneurial endeavors. 


I'm here to teach you how to do the same!



For the Woman Ready to Invest in Herself

If You Desire...

To live a luxurious and exciting life that you can afford from the revenue of your successful business

Time freedom and the ability to dictate how you will move throughout the day, worry-free

More sales and clients than you can handle 

Confidence and capacity to sell high-ticket items 


Have an online presence that attracts your ideal client with ease


To be a noteworthy expert in your industry, opening opportunities for speaking engagements, networking events, and other large platforms. 


A high closing rate from your sales, social media, consultations, and public events. 


To introduce automation, systems, and process that helps your business flow seamlessly. 


To afford to hire experts to assist your business (i.e., personal assistant, social media manager, sales team, marketing, etc.)

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What I Specialize In

Helping you master the art of sales and marketing to attract and retain elite clients

 Cultivating a concise and executable plan of action to launch or scale your business

Support in defining your business culture and values so that your mission is packaged to the public in a digestible way

Discovering tools and resources that will streamline your business and make things easier

Evaluate your existing practices to improve the overall quality of their products and services


The Journey from Small Business to 6-Figure Enterprise Begins Today.

Sometimes you quickly learn and just as quickly forget. That is not the case with Jazz Keyes-Perkins!! She introduces and breaks down business concepts in a way that is unforgettable. The tools I’ve gained working with her led me to restructure my business from dismal and dull to booked and busy. I cannot thank Jazz enough for her velvet-fist approach. Because of her guidance, I stopped settling for my good enough private practice and created the passion-filled business of my dreams.  I now have top-tier clients I love to work with and the energy to create additional income streams to scale my business this year and beyond. 

- C.Famous

 A phenomenal Sister and Woman. She is a beacon of light. To assist her fellow sister as we travel out from the darkness of our minds, body, and souls. Through compassion and love for humanity, her passion for helping others, like myself, will play a role in creating the well-made Woman. 


- R.Moody

I am the Director of NICAA Head Start. I had the incredible pleasure of working with Ms. Jazz Keyes when she came to our organization and did a motivational workshop for our teaching staff. To tell you that our team was beyond motivated when she was finished would be an understatement. She gave them great tips on the importance of taking care of themselves so that we are equipped to take care of our students. She touched on the importance of being mindful and taking time out to enjoy our surroundings, the birds chirping, the sound of water dripping, and the time to listen to others. At one point, the workshop turned very emotional when she had us reflect on our impact on our children. As teachers began to stand and tell their stories, the room got quiet; the teacher's eyes began to fill up with "happy tears." Ms. Keyes was able to help us bring out some things teachers don't have time to think about, which is to stop and remember that for all of the paperwork, deadlines, and not-so-good pay, WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE! It was a beautiful time remembered by all! The workshop was a nice mixture of Ms. Keyes speaking on various topics and activities that got us up out of our seats and moving. I will have her back!

- S.Lewis

I attended Jazz Keyes' Creative Entrepreneur Workshop. As a whole, the workshop was very well put together. The exercises were engaging and helpful. The supplied materials were relevant and informative. I also immensely enjoyed the camaraderie built with the other workshop attendees, and everyone who attended walked away with something positive they could bring to their prospective businesses. I know I did. I recommend this workshop to anyone interested in learning to start or grow their business creatively.


I am writing to let the world know how inspired I am to know Jazz Keyes and her incredible work. I was a participant in the first seminar session she did called Phenomenal Women Revealed or PWR. I was at a low point in my life because even though I had achieved academic success, I thought that I wasn't very successful otherwise, but this seminar changed my thought process and, in the process, helped me meet some amazing women. I remember even at that time that Jazz Keyes was going to be phenomenal. From that time until now, I have watched Jazz evolve into the Woman she is now by letting nothing stop her from getting what she needs to get ahead. She is available if I need her, and our schedules mesh. Thank you for everything! 

- F.Reed

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