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Meet Jazz

6-Figure Business Empowerment Coach

Corporate Superstar turned High-Level Executive Business Coach.


An expert in the field, having launched several successful businesses and generated over 6-figures from entrepreneurial endeavors. The time and financial freedom provided me with a global travel lifestyle and enriching experiences while running my companies, no matter what state or country I was visiting. 


Motivated by motherhood and the desire for wealth and liberation from the cycle of generational poverty, I set out to change the trajectory of my destiny. I found a divine purpose in inspiring women like myself to shatter glass ceilings. 


On my journey to greatness, I've worked with hundreds of women, nationally and abroad, to break down barriers and reach their highest potential. 


I've outpaced all mental, emotional, spiritual, and professional opponents; I surpassed expectations by earning a lucrative income and teaching others to do the same. 


I am a compassionate, intense coach who prides myself on helping my clients see results. My holistic coaching model gives women the instruments and a master implementation plan. 


InvestHer Coaching program is for women who are on fire, understand the value of investing in HERself, and are ready to work. 

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Client, Features, and Awards


Let Me Help You Hit New Professional and Financial Milestones

I help clients learn how to InvestHer energy wholeheartedly and improve their business in the following ways:


  • Gain complete clarity about the business mission and vision

  • Learn to make swift and intelligent business decisions without questioning herself

  • Move from a place of fear, negative self-talk, and self-doubt

  • Learn to execute her goals in a timely and orderly fashion

  • Address client's objections and concerns before they even present them 

  • Pour into herself the way she pours into others

  • Learn how to connect with valuable people 

  • Invest in the things necessary to advance her business

  • Set SMART goals with defined action steps 

  • Stop making excuses

  • Figure out how to get in front of her ideal client 

  • Close a sale with no hesitation

  • Brag on herself 

  • Be studious and able to be guided by those who are where she desires to be 

  • Fall in love with her business

  • Make a lot of money 



I have worked to share my knowledge and expertise across multiple professional industries. I've extended my talents to globally recognized enterprises, notable small business owners, and top-earning executive teams. I've traveled the world speaking to rooms full of dreamers, innovators, high level-executives, educators, youth, religious ministries, battered and abused women, high-risk juveniles, authors, creative entrepreneurs, and thought leaders of today. 


Let me help you reach your dreams!

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