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Join This High-Powered

Immerse yourself in the world of sales mastery with our transformative masterclass, where you'll gain exclusive access to proven strategies and insights from renowned sales experts and industry leaders. Delve into the psychology of sales and discover how to leverage your unique strengths as a woman in business.

Date: 6/25/2023

Time: 3:00-6:00 (PST)


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Here's What You'll Learn:​

Building a Winning Mindset

Unleash your inner sales champion by cultivating an unstoppable mindset. Learn to conquer obstacles, crush self-doubt, and embrace a winning attitude that fuels your success in every sales interaction.

Leverage Technology and Sales Tools

Harness the power of cutting-edge technology and sales tools to supercharge your sales process. Discover game-changing tools and tactics that will automate tasks, increase productivity, and skyrocket your sales conversions.

Prospecting and Lead Generation

Uncover the secrets to generating a steady stream of high-quality leads. Master persuasive prospecting techniques, unlock hidden opportunities, and watch your sales pipeline overflow with qualified prospects ready to convert into loyal customers.

Presentation and Pitching

Capture attention, ignite desire, and leave a lasting impression with magnetic sales presentations and pitches. Learn captivating storytelling techniques, persuasive language patterns, and irresistible hooks that will have your prospects saying "Yes!" in no time.

Overcoming Objections

Transform objections into opportunities and objections into sales victories. Gain the skills to handle objections, counter resistance, and turn skeptics into loyal customers. Leave no objection unaddressed on your path to closing more deals.

Closing Techniques

Master the art of closing the deal with a toolkit of proven techniques. Discover closing strategies tailored to different scenarios, unleash irresistible offers, and create a sense of urgency that compels prospects to take immediate action.

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 This masterclass will equip you with the winning strategies and mindset to conquer the sales world and emerge as a true champion.


Who is Jazz Keyes-Perkins?

Jazz Keyes Perkins is a 6 Figure Business Empowerment Coach, Motivational Speaking, 6-Figure Mompreneur, and Certified Life, Career, and Entrepreneur Coach.

Her work centers on helping fempreneurs and aspiring fempreneurs get unstuck. She works diligently to help women launch successful, sustainable, and scalable businesses. For women seeking fundamental life tools and strategies to jump-start their business, attract more clients, sell more products, make a profit, and feel more confident in their respective industries.


Masterclass Requirements

She launched InvesHER Coaching to help women in business earn their first 6-Figures and manage profitable companies!

​Jazz has helped thousands of women illuminate their vision, unapologetically follow their passions, and generate more revenue.

Jazz Keyes-Perkins has worked to share her knowledge and expertise across multiple professional industries. She has lent her talent to globally recognized enterprises, notable small business owners, and top-earning executive teams. Keyes-Perkins has traveled the work speaking to rooms full of dreamers, innovators, high level-executives, educators, youth, religious ministries, batter and abused women, high-risk juveniles, authors, creative entrepreneurs, and thought leaders of today.

  1. No prior marketing knowledge is required.

  2. You should be ready to take action and see actual results!

If you're looking for a sales masterclass that will skyrocket your revenue, amplify your closing skills, and elevate your business to new heights, our transformative program is the perfect fit. Unleash your sales potential and achieve remarkable success with our proven strategies and expert guidance.

Enroll now so that you can take advantage of the skills you learn to grow your business!


This is for you!

This masterclass is ideal for you if...

  • You're an ambitious professional, an aspiring entrepreneur, or a seasoned business owner looking to unlock your full sales potential and achieve extraordinary results. Whether you're new to sales or have years of experience, our program caters to individuals hungry for success and ready to take their sales game to the next level.


  • You've been struggling to close deals, overcome objections, or generate consistent revenue. This is perfect for those determined to break free from mediocrity, expand their client base, and maximize their earning potential. 

  • You're passionate about honing your sales skills, adapting to evolving market trends, and staying ahead of the competition, you'll benefit immensely from this class. 


Regardless of your industry or niche, our masterclass equips you with versatile strategies you can apply to various business models. Whether in B2B or B2C sales, our program provides you with the tools and insights to excel.


Join us if you're ready to embrace a winning mindset, leverage technology and sales tools effectively, master prospecting and lead generation techniques, deliver captivating presentations, and confidently close deals. You'll be surrounded by like-minded individuals driven by ambition and a burning desire to exceed their sales goals.


Take advantage of this opportunity to join our exclusive masterclass and embark on a transformative journey toward sales mastery. Your success awaits!

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