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Making Notes

6-Figure Business Empowerment Coaching

with Jazz Keyes-Perkins

Launch or Scale Your Business to Unimaginable Heights Using my Business Blueprint and Proven Coaching System

The InvestHER Business Coaching Programs

Hey InvestHER


If you have made it to this point, you are looking for and ready to make a significant change in your life. You're looking for tips on building a successful business and manifesting your dreams', or you're a woman who wants it all...




I have been in the business of empowering women for over ten years. While working with coaching clients, I realized many women clients had difficulty getting all cylinders firing. 


Girl, Your Million Dollar Business Awaits you…

You'll Be Perfect to Work With Me If You're


  • Ready to move with surety and confidence 

  • Focused on HERSELF, unapologetically 

  • Feeling like you take one step forward, two steps back

  • Feeling overlooked/dismissed in your respective field 

  • Willing to invest in her business to hire a coach

  • Desperately wanting to see the results 

  • Need support with getting organized and on track 

  • Would benefit from a no-nonsense accountability coach

  • Prepared to work HARD 

  • Done making excuses 

  • Believes wholeheartedly in her business

  • In search of tangible tools and techniques to launch or scale your business


InvestHER Coaching Is Not For You  If You're

  • Needing to be convinced why a coach is necessary 

  • Not prepared to make the financial investment in your business

  • Unwilling to take constructive criticism 

  • Refusing to examine your business through a different lens

  • Ruled by fear and self-doubt

  • Have mediocre work ethic with excellent expectations

  • Not seeing the importance of caring for the people you service 

  • Not one to follow through 

  • Someone whose behaviors are not in alignment with your business goals 

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