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Power Hour Session

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During your 90 Minute Power Hour Session, we will focus on one isolated area of concern in your business. It is important to note that these sessions are crafted per client to help you resolve one particular problem area in your business. After Power Hour Sessions, my clients have felt: -Better equipped to move forward in their business -The relief of feeling like they have jumped over a massive hurdle -They have more direction and insight now to overcome their obstacles -They have a clear and concise action plan they can implement immediately -There is a restoration of hope Power Hour Sessions are completely customized based on the client's pain area; however, here are some common areas in which clients need support: -Business Start-up Crash Course -Niche Clarity -Marketing Strategy Session -Building Pricing and Service Packages -Personal and Professional Branding Support -Sales Funnels -Setting up Automation, Systems, and Processes to Streamline -Mindset Upgrade ...And much more Power Hour Coaching Sessions Include… -15-Minute Discover Call to Uncover the Power Hour Session Purpose -90-Minute Phone or Zoom Session -Resources and Templates -Actionable Coaching Plan to Implement Post-Call -One-Week of Support Following PH Call Ready? Here is how it works! Schedule Your 15-Minute Discover Call Schedule Your 90-Minute Power Hour Call Customized Plans and Session Notes Will be Emailed After the Call Follow Your Coaching Accountability Plan

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