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Jazz Keyes Instructor

Hello, Families! 

I'm Jazz Keyes-Perkins, the founder and lead instructor of the Kidpreneur Coaching Academy. With a deep passion for empowering young minds, I bring over a decade of dedicated experience as an educator and mentor. My journey has been enriched by diverse roles that have consistently allowed me to impact students' lives significantly.

My Story

My journey as an educator and mentor began over a decade ago. It's been a transformative path fueled by a deep commitment to empowering young minds.

Over ten years ago, I collaborated with United Way to launch a literacy program. This initiative aimed to ensure that children in high-risk communities achieved reading proficiency by the crucial milestone of 4th grade. Witnessing the profound impact of education on young lives, I was ignited to do more; this led me to the role of Dean of Students at an elementary school. In this capacity, I played a pivotal role in crafting and implementing educational curricula and programs that catered to the diverse needs of students. 


My journey led me to the middle and high school levels, where I directly engaged with students, nurturing their learning and growth.


Additionally, I championed a community grant program that provided children with specialized arts instruction. This endeavor was designed to cultivate creativity and pave the way toward creative entrepreneurship. These experiences further solidified my belief in the power of holistic education and its potential to shape young individuals into well-rounded, empowered citizens.


My focus has honed in on teaching entrepreneurship in the past eight years. This shift was sparked by witnessing the unmistakable passion ignited within my daughter. Seeing her enthusiasm and potential, I recognized the importance of fostering entrepreneurial skills from an early age. This realization fueled my dedication to guiding children on the exciting entrepreneurship journey.


As I continue to evolve and enrich my education understanding, I am pursuing my Doctorate in Global Entrepreneurship, emphasizing Business Management and Marketing. In parallel, I hold a Bachelors's in Organizational and Corporate Communications, a Masters's in Clinical Psychology, and a distinguished certificate in Women's Entrepreneurship from Cornell University—a testament to my commitment to education and practical expertise.


Beyond academia, I am a published author and sought-after speaker, contributing to the entrepreneurship and youth development discourse. What brings me immense joy is that my journey has also inspired my daughter to become a published author, speaker, and a young entrepreneur in her own right.


Thank you for visiting my site, and thank you in advance for entrusting me with your brilliant young minds. Let's nurture the boundless potential within every child, fostering a generation of confident, innovative, and resilient business leaders.


Warm regards,


Jazz Keyes-Perkins

The Kidpreneur Coaching Academy

Our comprehensive program equips young minds with essential business skills, from digital design and podcasting to financial literacy. With a strong foundation, students will choose and work on their business projects. Even after the program concludes, I'm excited to offer personalized guidance, ensuring their continued development and success in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Business Meeting

Module 1:

Introduction to Business Basics

Get acquainted with the fundamentals of business and entrepreneurship. Learn how to set goals, create a simple business plan, and develop adaptability skills to navigate challenges.

  • Exploring business concepts and entrepreneurship.

  • Setting goals and creating a basic business plan.

  • Cultivating adaptability and problem-solving skills.

A young woman talking on the radio

Module 4:

Podcasting and Public Speaking

Embark on a podcasting journey. Learn how to plan, record, and edit audio content. Explore the broader realm of content creation across different media.

  • Planning and scripting engaging podcast episodes.

  • Recording and editing audio content effectively

  • Developing public speaking skills and boosting confidence.

Game Character Creation

Module 2:

Digital Design Fundamentals 

Dive into digital design and visual communication. Understand design principles, use essential tools, and create basic digital graphics.

  • Understanding design principles and visual elements.

  • Learning to use digital design tools and software.

  • Creating basic digital graphics and visuals.

Online Shopping from Home

Module 5:

Introduction to E-Commerce 

Unlock the essentials of e-commerce. Learn about setting up an online store, basic product photography, and customer interaction.

  • Understanding the fundamentals of e-commerce.

  • Simulating the creation of an online store.

  • Basic product photography and customer interaction skills.

Social network concept

Module 3:

Social Media Marketing and Content Creation 

Discover the art of social media marketing and effective public speaking. Craft engaging content for various platforms while building the confidence to present your ideas.

  • Introduction to social media marketing strategies.

  • Crafting compelling content for different social media platforms.

  • Exploring content creation across various media platforms.

Junior Book Club

Module 6:

Book Publishing Basics

Delve into the world of publishing. Understand the process of writing, editing, and illustrating short stories or books. Explore self-publishing options.

  • Overview of the book publishing process.

  • Developing writing, editing, and illustrating skills.

  • Exploring self-publishing platforms and options.

Online Education

Module 7:

Intermediate Digital Design

Advance your digital design skills. Explore complex design techniques, design for web and social media, and engage in collaborative design projects.

  • Mastering advanced digital design techniques.

  • Designing for web and social media platforms.

  • Participating in collaborative design projects.

Working on Math Problems

Module 10:

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

 Enhance your problem-solving and critical thinking abilities, which are vital for any entrepreneur. Learn how to identify challenges, brainstorm solutions, and make informed decisions, empowering you to navigate the complexities of business confidently.

  • Developing problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities.

  • Identifying challenges and brainstorming creative solutions.

  • Making informed decisions to address business complexities effectively.

Phone Call

Module 8:

Advanced Social Media Strategies 

Deepen your understanding of social media. Focus on brand-building, influencer marketing, and utilizing social media analytics.

  • Building a brand through strategic social media use.

  • Exploring influencer marketing and brand partnerships.

  • Gaining insights from social media analytics.

Calculate Savings

Module 11:

Business Finances and Money Management

Gain insights into personal finance and budgeting. Explore investments and financial planning while managing finances for a mock or real business project.

  • Understanding personal finance, budgeting, and financial planning.

  • Introduction to investments and financial strategies.

  • Applying financial concepts to a mock or real business project.


Module 9:

Content Monetization and Ethics

Learn to monetize creative content ethically. Explore different monetization avenues while considering the ethical aspects of content creation.

  • Exploring ethical monetization options for creative content.

  • Balancing artistic integrity with commercialization.

  • Navigating ethical challenges in content creation.


Module 12:

Final Projects and Business Simulation 

Apply your learned skills to a business scenario. Create a comprehensive business plan and present your project to peers and parents, showcasing your growth.

  • Applying skills to a mock or real business project.

  • Creating a comprehensive business plan.

  • Presenting projects to peers and parents to demonstrate growth and proficiency.

Continued Support and Personalized Guidance: I'm committed to nurturing your growth even after the program concludes. If you're interested, we can work together on a personalized basis, crafting a customized plan to develop your entrepreneurial skills further and help you thrive in your business pursuits.


If you want to learn more about The Kidpreneur Coaching Academy pricing, schedule, and enrollment details; please email me! 

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