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The Overcoming Perfectionism course is for women who struggle with perfectionism, procrastination, and all-or-nothing beliefs. 


If you're tired of beating the brunt of the pressure to be perfect in every aspect of your life---from your appearance to relationships to businesses to motherhood, you're going to want to take this course where we teach you how to relieve yourself from the constant state of stress and anxiety and learn how to stop perfectionism from ruining your physical, mental and emotional health. 


Participants will learn how to overcome these limiting thoughts and behaviors through interactive quizzes and action sheets, mindset-shifting exercises, and journal reflections. 


The course will cover topics such as identifying and challenging perfectionistic thinking, developing healthy coping strategies to deal with procrastination, and learning to break free from all-or-nothing beliefs that hold you back from achieving your goals.


Participants will also learn how to set realistic and achievable goals, celebrate small wins along the way, build self-compassion and self-forgiveness, and create a more balanced life. 


Modules Included:

  • Addressing the Root Causes of Perfectionism

  • Ways to Tackle Procrastination

  • How to Overcome Your All-Or-Nothing Beliefs

  • Being Authentically You


Overcoming Perfectionism Course Includes:

  • Root Causes of Perfectionism for self awareness

  • Perfectionism Quiz to discover if you have perfectionistic traits

  • How to Challenge All-or-Nothing Beliefs (the core cause of perfectionism)

  • How to Challenge All-or-Nothing Beliefs and reduce everyday pressure 

  • How to Expand Perfectionistic Thoughts and be a positive person 

  • Why Perfectionists Procrastinate; 4 mindset shifts to kick procrastination to the curb

  • How to beat procrastination and achieve more small wins everyday

  • Procrastination log for self awareness

  • A super-effective cheat sheet to hack perfectionism

  • How to start living a more balanced life, free of extreme perfectionism - 5 wickedly effective ways

  • Reflections page to write down ‘aha’ moments


How will you transform with this Overcoming Perfectionism course?

  • Create new beliefs to replace perfectionistic beliefs to feel more empowered everyday

  • Learn how to reduce your fear of failure and live life bravely

  • Discover how to beat procrastination and enjoy more small wins and achievements

  • Have a cheatsheet on hand to beat perfectionism when it strikes 

  • Build a more positive mindset and be less critical

Overcoming Perfectionism

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