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6 Surprising Ways a Business Coach Can Help Your Business

Why Coaching is the Key to Unlock the Next Level

Aside from mothers, no one adds more to their plates than budding entrepreneurs. An undeniable heaviness and slumped posture come from piling every aspect of your business on your shoulders. So many entrepreneurs make the mistake of waiting too long to outsource, delegate, or seek support. I get it, your vision is your baby, and you're worried that no one will care for your business like you?

This is just one example of why a business coach is crucial for business owners. A coach can help you see pitfalls in your business structure, gaps in your systems, areas of your demise, and ways to expedite your success. As a business coach, I may be biased with the high value I place on coaching, but success can be delayed or attainable with support.

Vision Clarity

You can only be a wealthy entrepreneur if you are a visionary and a dreamer. You have already made the courageous decision to abandon corporate America and/or the workforce to pursue your passion. Inevitably, you will end up working longer hours, experiencing more exhaustion, and taking more risks to achieve success.

As a dreamer, your business can easily take on a mind of its own. You have so many ideas. There are multiple products you desire to release, captivating concepts for your marketing and design, and networking opportunities you can risk missing. Eventually, you feel a great sense of overwhelming burnout.

Here is where a coach comes into play. Coaches can help you organize your bigger picture into smaller and more management pieces. A good coach will help you narrow your focus, set realistic goals, and create a timeline that benefits your business without draining your enthusiasm. Additionally, they allow you to identify your blind spots and recognize when it's time to pivot and readjust your aim. A coach will help you focus and stay on the course. This is essential, especially if you tend to be easily distracted.

Progress Over Perfection

It's easy to fall into the trap of wanting everything to be flawless before release, but you must wait for everything to be blemish-free to launch. Wealth-generating companies release and refine over time. A good coach will give you the courage to celebrate progress over perfection. Now, that does not mean neglecting excellence; it simply means that sometimes you must do it scared.

You say to yourself:

I need a better logo.

My social media content gets no engagement, and I have no followers

I don't feel qualified to compete in my field

What if my product doesn't sell?

While self-doubt may cause you to self-sabotage, its coach's job is to help you gain the confidence to take the leap and build the plane on the way down. They allow you to get comfortable with the unknown and embrace failure as a growth opportunity.

Hold Your Feet to the Fire

The most weight I've ever lost, I did with the assistance of a personal trainer. I met him at 5am, 3-4 times a week. He guided me through a detox and helped craft a meal plan that matched my goals. It was infuriating and motivating how he refused to let me make excuses for myself. On the rare occasion, I would try to back out of my workout, he would show up at my door and tell me I had ten minutes to get to the gym.

That level of intense accountability is the pressure that makes diamonds. Anything is possible with the right coach holding your feet to the fire. A good coach will ensure that you do what you say you will do. If you are repeatedly dropping the ball on yourself, the reflection with your coach should help you uncover blocks and resistance that are halting your success.

The Second Set of Eyes and Ears

I would describe myself as a "results-driven" coach. I have a vetting process that helps me select clients that are on fire and ready to work! A good coach will help you go forward, all gas, no brakes. While the coach is not here to make business decisions for you, they help you develop the skills necessary to make an informed and swift decision that benefits your business.

They are the second set of eyes and ears that can support you in refining your process. While we aren't here to lead your business, we can draw your attention to potential hazards that are unseen by you. Having someone who believes in your vision to survey your process and keep you from stumbling is an invaluable investment!

Silence the Imposter Syndrome

You may not know its formal name; however, many high achievers, especially women, suffer from imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome is the daunting belief that you are undeserving of your accomplishments and that others should not hold you in high regard. Internally, you feel like a fraud, unintelligent, and too incompetent to indeed be successful.

It is an ugly and cruel internal conversation that keeps many women from entering the space they need to advance their businesses. Most of the time, those who suffer from imposter syndrome have a plethora of evidence (education, experience, personal and professional accomplishments, etc.) that would suggest our thoughts are a lie and that we are capable of greatness.

A coach is there to help develop the mindset of a millionaire. They are there to assist you in overcoming the self-doubt that tells you your accomplishments were a matter of luck or external factors. The presence of mind and self-assurance you can gain from having a good coach relieves the anxiety and pressure you feel to compare yourself to others and to be the demise of your own success.

Make More Money

One thing I always encourage my clients to do is get to the money FIRST! As cliche as the saying is, I admittedly love to hear about women who are "securing the bag." When you are passionate about your business, you can easily neglect the importance of making money. I have seen it happen way too often with my clients. They are wasting precious time on penniless projects, spending their energy reserves on pointless meetings, severely underpricing their products, or offering their services for little to nothing to build a relationship or grow their brand.


What you offer the world has value, and that value has a price tag. A great business coach will tell you to prioritize that which will generate income. They will highlight the areas in your business where you should be generating revenue but need to be. They will ensure that you are priced competitively. Most importantly, they will remind you that you are a business owner and your whole livelihood is tied to your business. If you don't make money, your business will close, period! Find a coach that knows how to guide you in a financially fruitful way.

Your business coach is one of the most significant investments you can make. If you plan to run a 6 or 7-figure business, you will eventually need a team. Remember to add your coach to the starting lineup. There is no greater security than having someone in your corner to empower you through the highs and lows of entrepreneurship.

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