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Marketing Tips You Absolutely Need in 2023!


The mission for 2023 is clear, we're launching and scaling businesses to 6 figures or greater! My job as your coach is to guarantee that you have all the resources, tools, and techniques necessary to do so. Here is the reality, having a business that you don't know how to market is like trying to cross the ocean in a boat with a hole in it; this is the quickest way to drown. I'm here to throw you a ring buoy and guide you to safe shores.

We exist in a world that continues to show us that there is no way to survive without technology. Old marketing strategies are dead! Take a moment to mourn what once was, and let me help you adjust to what is and will be!

Here is the MUST-KNOW marketing advice for 2023! Grab a pen and take notes.

Let's get to the checks!

Marketing Must-Know #1: Go LIVE or Go Broke

I will be the first to admit I absolutely hate the camera. Something about creating video-based content does not resonate with my soul. I become my worst critic when editing video content. Me going live was out of the question. If you're like me, sad to say, but we are out of luck.

Without video content and live streaming, there is no way to carry your brand forward. Looking closely at social media, you will see a marketing shift across platforms. Companies are discovering that people enjoy short, intentional, direct, and creative video content. This is why platforms like TikTok swept the nation and why you can now make money on FB and IG with video reels. This is how people want to receive information. Unless your customer base is a segment that does not rely on smartphones or technology, you have to get on board.

Pay attention to the power of live streaming. I made these mistakes early. I do not receive information best through spatial learning; visual communication isn't my preferred learning method, so I assumed my audience would not care about me relaying my message visually. Turns out, consumers spend hundreds of billions of hours a year streaming content.

Whatever reservations you may have about getting in front of the camera, address them swiftly. Otherwise, you are going to fail your business. You will leave so much money on the table if you fold to your insecurities about being on camera.

This year, ladies, we are learning the approaches for creative content delivery and utilizing the LIVE stream option to connect and communicate with our customers.

Go LIVE or BROKE; I already know the second one isn't an option!

Marketing Must-Know #2: Capitalize Off the Praises of Your Current Customers

Have you ever had someone use your product or services, and afterward, they hype you up so much that you remember why you started this business? Let me give you an example; I have coached 100s of women, thousands if you count classes, workshops, training, online seminars, and speaking engagements. Some of the things women have said about me after experiencing coaching have been the sole thing that has empowered me to press forward. Before I understood the power of this type of marketing, my response was usually a hug or a kind word in return. We would sometimes walk away in tears, depending on how deep the conversation went.

Beautiful moments attract new customers. That is the truth and nothing but the truth! When you find people who genuinely believe in your offer, let them be ambassadors of your mission. No one speaks louder than a satisfied customer. Creating systems that allow you to use other people's voices for your marketing is a brilliant strategy. Remove any barrier you have if you believe this approach is slimy, unethical, or exploitative. It's good business!

I promise you that you own or have purchased something because a trusted person in your life or someone you publicly admire has told you that you need it or how wonderful it is. This is the same idea. It's time to start recruiting ambassadors. Whether through a paid referral program, written or recorded testimony, social media sharing, or simply asking them to tell a friend, you will need this marketing tip to grow your brand and increase exposure and credibility.

More importantly, you work hard. It is ok to let someone give you your flowers. Accept them graciously.

Marketing Must-Know #3: Identify and Analyze Your Competitors

Anyone who says they have no competition is a lie. Don't let arrogance cause you to fall into the trap of thinking you are in your own lane. If someone is not currently doing what you're doing, trust and believe there will be. You are the best in your field and more qualified, and your product needs to be superior. It means you need to know who you are marketing to and the audience you're selling to. I am a damn good coach. I say that confidently, but to suggest that there aren't other women in this space who are getting results for their clients would be the type of thinking to set my business back dramatically.

You can only market effectively by knowing who you share digital space with. You need to identify your competition and study their practices. What are their products/services, how are they getting in front of the audience you share, what do their social media efforts look like, what promises are they making to their clientele, and how are they pricing. This is the information you need to make your business more alluring to customers.

Note: there is nothing wrong with healthy competition. Someone can be your competition and not your enemy. Don't move in a spirit of envy or hate. There is enough for us all to WIN! It's only possible to sell or market your services effectively if you have researched your competitors. You need to know what offers, guarantees, prices, or fees you are up against to make YOUR offering the most attractive to potential clients.

Here are three best practices that match the ever-changing climate of marketing. Remember, above all else, your clients look for authenticity and transparency. If all else fails, tell your customers that you are intentional about evolving and offering them the best products and services. That is a truth they will appreciate!

Happy content marketing, ladies!

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